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Daily Journal
     May 19, 2021      #82-139 KDJ


It was a great Christmas gift for youngsters in the early 1950’s (from the A.C. Gilbert Company). Kids would learn mechanical dexterity, perseverance, attention to detail. And the ability to follow complicated industrial-type instructions. The kit included hundreds of miniature steel girders, little screws and nuts, and pictures of imaginative and challenging structures that they could build. A merry-go-round, a parachute drop . . . .

And for a few lucky (grown-up) boys and girls of today, a chance to re-experience their youth, building a toy. But this time, it’s a virus infection, “mRNA”, as they call it, what fun! Nano-machines are the size of molecules, and they are capable of joining forces with living tissue. Their use in vaccines should be condemned immediately by every religious organization on Earth. The ethical distinction is that one is biological, the other mechanical.  Fragile though nano-machines may be initially, their re-writing of DNA (of living bodies), is permanent. You can’t get un-vaccinated.

Is it the future of the human race (or other intelligent creatures out there), to become technologically advanced enough to design the DNA of their own species? I kind of hope so, especially if I’m the one who gets to play with it. Like I did with my Erector Sets.

Do not take the vaccine !!

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