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Daily Journal
     May 18, 2021      #57-138 KDJ


His, hers, its.

There’s a scene in Orwell’s 1984 (check out the 1956 movie staring Edmond O’Brien) where the Big Brother guy holds up three fingers and tells the prisoner, it’s five. Winston, tortured, replies, “I’m trying to see five.”

The story depicts a world war of the future between two fascist nations. Well now, in modern times, transgenderism has presented us with a similar question. (Hint: ‘2’ is the wrong answer.)

Tansgenderism must have started as a joke, a couple centuries back. Like, once there were some lazy communist youth in Frankfort, Europe, hatching a plot they imagined capable of corrupting love itself. They made plans, wrote books, sent letters. It started with marriage.

And here we are today. Speechless.

But there is hope. Transgenders have at least three problems that should extinguish their cause – as a philosophy, as a condition, and even as a theatrical joke – once and for all. It’s the destruction of women’s sport, the loss of genger segregation in prisons and other institutions, and the corruption of young children. Transgenders have no way out of these problems.

But if that doesn’t get them, the rest of us have a secret weapon. God (may I presume) will do so for us. (Sorry for using a word that in our public schools would pass for a dirty word.) At least I avoided using the singular third-person masculine pronoun.

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