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Daily Journal
     May 18, 2021      #55-138 KDJ

Hate speech, free speech 

Hate speech, free speech

And why not? Letting people say whatever they want ought to make them feel better about themselves, so why should I let it bother me? At least it’s better to hear from someone who really cares about anything at all, because, let’s face it, not everyone does.

If you want my opinion, without hate, there could not be love. Now, I can’t prove that statement is true. But, there’s a little voice, an inside voice that I have learned to trust, saying so.

People who don’t like free speech have perhaps never tried it. So I’ll tell you what to do. Go outside, go to someplace where American patriots might once have walked. Look around, and let the words come out, just to the wind, or maybe there’s someone nearby. Something true, or that you believe to be true, or that you’re very sure you once really did. Uh, maybe this is not as simple as I thought.

Well no rush, your truth will come to you soon; in a couple seconds, or years. Decades. Just make sure that when it arrives, you remember what it gave to you: the Bill of Rights, like a living ghost, but powerful. I feel better now.

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