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Daily Journal
     May 18, 2021      #50-138 KDJ

The First Word War 

By Tom Small

There are no illegal words. I should hardly have been surprised upon reading, that it was God himself who said it first: “In the beginning was the word.” So it’s thanks to this author that we proclaimed (near the very top of our Constitution), the freedom of speech. We’ve gone too long, and strayed too far, from virtues like what our great-grandparents took for granted. 

Long live the “3 R’s” of elementary education (reading, writing and arithmetic)! Since these are so shamefully neglected in our public schools, in favor of the depressing political correctness dogmas, it’s up to us to do the job. And for history, there’s a new text, titled “1776”, which gives an historically accurate, fair and fascinating version of our nation’s past. 

Here’s a quote from that book: “Rather than learning to hate one’s country or the world for its inevitable wrongs, the well-educated student learns to appreciate and cherish the oases of civilization: solid family structures and local communities; effective, representative, and limited government; the rule of law and the security of civil rights and private property; a love of the natural world and the arts; good character and religious faith.” Simple, true words, a pleasure to speak, a comfort to hear.

How could it be, that what prevails in school is so false, and hateful? Let’s put away the smart phones for awhile and experience a book like this together, as a family. We must make the younger generation see that this thing called “free speech” is not just a slogan, but their precious gift. And one that is is under attack. And not just in grade schools. It starts in kindergarten, and goes right on up thru college, an endless parade of dreary, bad attitudes, first to defenseless kids, and later, to (forgive my saying so) ignorant young people. 

Children instinctively adopt themselves to what their peers believe. But, conformity of thought is anathema to real thinking. I, for example, do not approve of marriage between the same sex. What’s more, I believe in the death penalty, and even consider it a sin (akin to a sin) that it should be suppressed. Well, that’s my opinion, so why shouldn’t I be proud to say it? Not ashamed! Not afraid! And if you disagree; well, that’s just the American way: love it or leave it.

For you to think but never talk about what really matters to you, would be a sorry waste, and a loss to us all. So if your child ever summons the nerve to experience their own, willful use of free speech within the classroom, then God bless ’em! We sometimes have a duty to our kids, to stand between them and their schools. Or more often, between the best of their teachers, and their labor union. Let the rest of them be fired! They deserve it.

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