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Daily Journal
     May 18, 2021      #15-138 KDJ

Trump Derangement Syndrome 

How could the Supreme Court ignore the threat to its own existence? The threat that congress would add members to it capriciously, making it, instead of one of three branches of government, just another congressional committee. Have they too, been infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome? Or are they just cowards?

Well aren't we all, we Americans? And don't call it election fraud; call it the end of journalism, at least as practiced by prominent personalities.  Or on George Orwell's Animal Farm.

The virus came, and the Democrats blamed that on Trump too. And the Kavanaugh hearings, the Hunter Biden story: feast or famine.

Reminds me a lot of Marshall McLuhan, whose pre-Internet observations of television applies as well to us: that people become habituated to their media of choice, and hold tight to its reality no matter how false. ("The Medium is the Massage", 1967)

And the Russian Collusion follies -- what a bore! Curious isn't it, how Republicans think China is the big enemy, but Democrats think no, it's the Russians? Well, I think Trump is the only one who ever pointed out that less war, Russian or Chinese, saves money. Our money, thank you very much!

But 2016 was four years ago, and the border wall is not yet finished. I would have expected better than that from a man who builds big buildings in big cities.

In those years, climate change was the big brouhaha. But shock! Trump expressed indifference to it. "Just weather", he said. How the voters as a whole felt about this was never measured, but it sure set off some fuses.

So does all this explain Trump Derangement Syndrome? Not for me, not until I see how all this got started.

And that would be in New York in the 1970's, when the young Trump was being sued by the State Department about his new apartment building. The lawyer who told him to push back hard (which proved good advice) was a lawyer named Roy Cohn, who gained fame in 1953 by successfully executing the Rosenbergs -- Soviet spies of atomic secrets. 

The next year, Cohn became the advisor to that esteemed senator from Wisconsin, (drum roll please) . . . Joseph McCarthy.  Both Donald Trump and Joseph McCarthy were prone to colorful rhetoric and exaggeration. Both sometimes came across like bullies. What the Deep State is to Trump, the Communists were to the Senator. Both men underestimated their enemy.

Today, McCarthy is the most disparaged American figure in the public schools, condemned as widely and fiercely as even Trump has been.  Which tells you right there, that McCarthy was probably right about the Communists. Since, obviously, they're still here.

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