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Daily Journal
     February 8, 2021      #82-39 KDJ


It was a great Christmas gift for youngsters in the early 1950’s (from the A.C. Gilbert Company). Kids would learn mechanical dexterity, perseverance, attention to detail. And the ability to follow complicated industrial-type instructions. The kit included hundreds of miniature steel girders, little screws and nuts, and pictures of imaginative and challenging structures that they could build. A merry-go-round, a parachute drop . . . .

And for a few lucky (grown-up) boys and girls of today, a chance to re-experience their youth, building a toy. But this time, it’s a virus infection, “mRNA”, as they call it, what fun! Nano-machines are the size of molecules, and they are capable of joining forces with living tissue. Their use in ...

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