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Daily Journal
     January 28, 2021      #92-28 KDJ

Travel: On safari in the Great Rift Valley

Viaje: en un safari en el Gran Valle del Rift

Dorothy Waddingham Wenzel, life@postbulletin.com

Looking for a unique travel adventure? Try a safari in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.

That is what my husband and I did in February 2018. Our adventures far surpassed anything we had imagined.

Yes, we saw the big five — elephant, leopard, lion, cape buffalo, and rhinoceros in their natural settings. But we saw so much more.

We saw a baby giraffe and her mother crossing the road in front of us. (Our guide pointed out they were being stalked by a lioness.) We saw two giraffes fighting by swinging their necks.

We saw a family of five cheetahs chase a warthog into the bushes. Soon the cheetahs ran out of the bushes being chased by the ...

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