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Daily Journal
     January 28, 2021      #88-28 KDJ

Search Optimization for Small Business Websites

By Mike Samec

Does SEO seem mysterious and complicated? It’s often treated as a mysterious and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. The formula for success lies in two key questions.

Question 1: Where do you want to be?

People use search engines to solve problems. So, what problems do you solve? Outline your products and services following these three steps,

Step One, itemize your solutions. For example, a fence building and repair service might choose;

Wooden fence, vinyl fence, iron fence, chain link fencing, gates, etc. For most small business location matters, so don’t forget to include your city or town, (e.g. Kankakee fence).

Step Two, list action words. For example, Buy, install, repair, recommend, design, etc.

Step Three, mix together. For example, buy wooden fence, install iron fencing, repair chain links, etc.

The last step is to rank your list based on what you believe matters most for your customers and for your needs.

Question 2: What content do you want to appear?

You won’t rank for a keyword if your website doesn’t mention it. Create a page describing the product or service and make sure you include keywords in the text and meta data. SEO research shows a correlation between top ranking websites and the amount of text on the page. In fact, most top- positioned sites have over 1,000 words on one page. This is a great opportunity to flesh out product or service descriptions. Explain in detail what you offer and how you do it best, you’ll satisfy both search engines and customers!

Track your progress

Use free analytics tools like Google Search Console to identify how well your key pages are ranking, and Google Analytics to determine how your website is performing.

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