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Daily Journal
     January 28, 2021      #52-28 KDJ

Throwback: Great inter-state fair opens today with

Retroceso: Gran feria interestatal se inaugura hoy con

Editor’s note: The year was 1918. America was embroiled in World War I, women were pushing for the right to vote, and a flu pandemic would soon devastate the country. Our Throwback Thursday takes a look back at our most popular stories from this month in history, from the quirky to the heartbreaking.

This story comes to us from Aug. 19, 1918, under the headline “Great Inter-State Fair Opens Today With a Big Crowd.” Kankakee already was known for its fairs by 1918; the first fair event in the then newly minted county was held in 1856. The 1918 Kankakee fair topped 30,000 participants, with 2,000 automobiles lining the parking ...

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