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Daily Journal
     January 28, 2021      #21-28 KDJ

Roar of the engine, sounds of shifting gears,

Rugido del motor, sonidos de cambios de marcha,

By Wade LeBeau

Driving a NASCAR race car proves to be an experience of driving excellence.  Going to drive a NASCAR race car at Joliet Speedway had my nerves on high alert.  I had not driven a 4-speed for many years.  To drive the NASCAR Experience at Joliet Speedway you proceed to the infield via the tunnel.  When you get to the tunnel you realize wow, this is serious, and the banking of the track is nothing like normal driving on daily roads to and from work.  Its larger then what you see on TV, the racetrack is amazing, have to be there to appreciate it.

You proceed to check-in where they accept your license as your key to drive, returned to you after your drive.  Next to the ...

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