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Daily Journal
     January 13, 2021      #28-13 KDJ

Kankakee Humane Foundation raises over $15K in

By Taylor Leddin

Kankakee County Humane Foundation raised $16,165 in donations Tuesday with the help of Jordan’s Way Charities.

Through a four-hour livestream fundraiser hosted by Jordan’s Way founder Kris Rotonda, the animal shelter in St. Anne surpassed the initial goal of $10,000 in under three hours. Donations were made through a Facebook fundraiser organized by the foundation and were sent directly to the organization, according to the nonprofit.

A little over an hour into the event, Mike Fegan of Kankakee stopped by the shelter to partake in the fun and give a personal donation of $5,000. Fegan, who is a KCHF board member along with wife Kathy, even took a pie to the face ...

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