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Daily Journal
     November 19, 2020      #67-324 KDJ

The vote to end all votes 

La votación que finalizara todas las

Many voters select senators and representatives from the same party as their presidential choice. Why wouldn’t Biden’s ballots by mail not also favor down-ballot votes for candidates from the same party? Because in the early morning hours of November 4, the crooks forging them couldn’t be bothered to do so. And since the time of day ballots are processed is also recorded, we can see these late-night votes were all for Biden.

The “Dominion” machines, used in twenty-eight states to count the ballots, were illegally connected to the Internet, and could be controlled from remote locations. They switched votes from Trump to Biden. Votes for senators and representatives could also be fixed. 

Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani are attorneys fighting on Trumps’s side. She and Rudy Giuliani have assembled a portfolio of eyewitnesses who worked inside the polling places, and have bravely come forward to give sworn testimony of the crimes they have witnessed. 

All this could have been going on for years, for many elections. In destroying this criminal enterprise, both the technology it required and the crooks who conspired, President Trump may yet achieve his paramount goal, to “drain the swamp”.

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